2 janv. 2015


A male age 16-17, Chucky writes: 
" Hello. im only 15 and im new to sex. the problem im having is that i seem to be pre-cumin all the Time!! when me and my girlfriend are just laying side by side and im feeling her up or something like that or something that may get me erect, i will start to pre-cum it really embarrassing and at first i just wipe it away with my fingers, but then i relied that i would not be able to finger her. if i do that. plus the amount that come out is annoying anyways and slightly off putting when she goes down on me. she has notice and even said "you pre-cum a lot!" the good thing about this is that i can say "its because your so sexy" or some thing cheesy like that but that fact is its annoying and embrassing what should i do? lol" 

 Precum :
 - Do any guys have a lot of precum as I do? I tend to drip quite a lot during sex or if I have any from a semi to a full erection. It can be very hot as I have had a sex partner or two who love swirling my leaking fluids around my glans during foreplay though I am not close to ejaculating, just excited. As I am bi I have also had sex partners who use it as lube when we are doing mutual jo or showing off our hardons. It can be a little embarassing at times though like if I am freeballing or in workouts gear and get a wet spot. Any similar experiences make a lot of precum, but it takes a good half-hour of arousal for it to begin. Then it's almost like a leaky spigot. Drip. Drip. Drip. :P 

- I am really juicy and produce loads . When I am turned on my undies can get really soaked! Anyone else have this experience? 

- I am a huge lover of pre-cum, I do not have any myself (it sucks). I was just wanting to know if any of you pre cum and if so how much. The more the better. Also if any of you have pics or videos of someone that has a a lot of it... it would be hot as hell to see or no someone that pre-cam so much it almost looked like he was cumming. That would be the man of my dreams 

- Oh, yeah, I ooze a lot, especially if someone's licking my balls or ass and my cock is sticking straight up all alone. It's hot to look down and see my hard cock oozing - I'll usually rub some off with my finger and bring a string of it to my mouth 

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