26 janv. 2015

Have you ever sex with your brother ?

- Hi, Me and my brother are twins. We turned 15 in April and since the age if about 13 me and my twin (Kane) help each other jack off and occasionally will give each other a bj. We have anal sex every wek weeks ( about 1-2 a month) and its such a big turn on. And sometimes my our sister (Tyree) will often join us and have a 3 sum. But we aren't allowed to unload in her invade she gets pregnant ( I nearly did once though) 

- I’m an identical twin, and have another brother an a sister. Never did anything with either of them, but my twin and I regularly got each other off from the age of 12. Keith learned about jerking off from a friend, and showed me at age 12. After that, we would do it together daily, and at night before we went to sleep. Cant explain it, but really didn’t feel gay at all, was just about getting off. With the exception of a couple of moles, and the fact he is uncut, and I am cut, our bodies are identical. When we were 14, Keith tried to suck himself, and when he couldn’t do it, we decided to do each other to see what it felt like. We didn’t do oral much, maybe once a month or so, but basically was like doing yourself. Even when we both had girlfriends, we still jerked together. We are both married now, and hadn’t done anything for years, but last year at our 10th high school reunion, we were back in our old room, and had a 69 for old time sakes 

- First off, I'm 17 and my brother is 16. Okay so the other day I thought I was home alone. My Mom was grocery shopping and I thought my brother was at his friend's house. I had just gotten out of the shower and had the humidity fan (is that what that hot loud thing is?) on so it kind of drowned out any noise. Anwyay, I was super turned on. I had been playing with myself in the shower a bit and wanted to continue in my bed, so I got into bed and started touching myself. I was laying on my bed with absolutely no clothes on. I was getting pretty into it, being a bit louder than usual because I thought I was home alone when I suddenly looked over and I see my brother watching me through the crack in my bedroom door. I was super startled and jumped up off the bed and slammed the door. SUPER EMBARASSED AND ANGRY.
I did notice though as he was turning to leave/run to his room that he had a raging hardon in his shorts. Now's the weird part. I'm horny as hell. And I can't stop thinking about how embarassing it is that my brother saw me masturbating. But I'm also really turned on by it. I'm fantasizing now about putting myself in a position to where he'd find me doing it again. And maybe this time initiating something with him. I've had sex before. I had a boyfriend last year and he was my first. I lvoed having sex with him but he moved to New York and so there's nothign relaly to do about it. We snapchat each other dirty pics and stuff but that's about it. Oh I need to mention that after a few minutes I was still turned on as hell and so I laid in bed and finished myself. But when i was doing i heard my brother get in the shower upstairs and I just know he was jerking off to me. I dont' know what to do but is wanting to sleep with my brother un natural? We'vebeen close while growing up but I don't want to fuck anythign up. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130811024335AAKvALp

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