31 mai 2014


Try to guess the event this mime game refers to

Ever had 2 Cocks in your mouth at the same time ?

Have you ever had two guys cum in your mouth at the same time? 
- "When i was thirteen i had two smaller boys i messed with. they were both twelve and hadn't hit puberty at all. we were fooling around all the time . we would usually all be naked. one night i sucked both of their little dicks at the same time . usually i was sucking one while the other one sucked mine. but it was hot having two naked boys pumping my mouth at once".

When you're eating asshole, do you stick your tongue in as far as it can go?


29 mai 2014


à suivre / to be continued ....et c'est cho !


i touched my friends penis once he was asleep 
Yesterday i stayed myy friends house and we slept in a single bed together and he fell into a deep sleep we where in real baggu trousers and saw he had a boner and i touched it and put my hands down his trousers and he woke up and said really hittingnon menoin my sleep pathetic i was frozen and he just said is it my go to touch yours and we sucked each over off and im going over his tonight 

How to touch/look at friends dick while he's sleeping 
I am super curious about my friends dick. If I touch it through his shorts or lift up his shorts while he is sleeping while he feel it? Or how do I do it without him waking up! Help

- If my best friend asked me to masturbate him I would do it for him. I've never touched another guy's penis before, but would love to try it just to see what it feels like to pleasure another guy. age 16, Washington 
 - I would very much like to masturbate my best friend. I'm sure that under the right circumstances, it could happen. But he's happily married and I know neither of us would want to risk his ultimate happiness. age 29, Arkansas 
 - I would love to masturbate my best friend! I would do it under any circumstances, and it would take no convincing at all. All he would have to do is ask. He's really cute, and I would love to pleasure his penis for him. age 22, Illinois 
 - I think I would masturbate my best friend. There is an attraction there and we talk about masturbation a lot. I think it would be a good experience. And, I don't think it would take much convincing. age 15, New York


28 mai 2014





Hier, je fuck mon cher et tendre R* comme tous les jours (happy boy !) et, après ça, il m'annonce sans rigoler qu'il aimerait connaître la sensation d'une bite hors norme dans son cul : "au moins une fois", il dit. Là, je suis KO. Et moi qui pensait complètement le satisfaire avec ma keu de 18 cm !!!!

27 mai 2014


What does it feel like when another man shoves his penis up your ass and pumps in and out until he cums?

Test to know if you have a big penis. 

Big penis test :
So what is something that all men want? And heck, even some women. A big, fat dick! 
Right? One that will really make your girl curl her toes in ecstasy while clutching their pillow and moaning out your name ? Uh huh. Well how do you know if your penis is big, right? Well I know a lot of my guy friends have measured their penis but obviously that isn't always accurate. My friend told me about a sure fire way to know if a guy has a big one and you only need two things to do it. 
Well first things first, you will have to get a hard on so go look at porn or pictures of Velvet Sky, Megan Fox, Pikachu or whoever it is that gets you perverted little creepers turned on. Make sure you are at full erection when doing this test or it won't be accurate. Now you will have to take the toilet paper roll and insert your penis inside. If the penis doesn't go in easily, is snug or it can't even fit then you are large. If it goes in easily then you're either average or below average. 

Now the next test is for length. 
You will take one end of the pencil and put it at the base of your penis. If your penis goes past the pencil or is the same length then you are above average or large. If the pencil is longer then you are average or below average. If you pass both these tests you are quite big. If you don't pass either test then stop fuckin lieing to people! Nobody wants to hear your nonesense. Well now that you know how to do this, take the test and let's hear your results but keep it clean enough so where we can keep this discussionopen. Have fun!

For a man, what does it feel like when another man shoves his penis up your ass and pumps in and out until he cums? What does it feel like to shove a penis up another mans ass until you cum? 
-" First time was terrible for me. It hurt and burnt at the same time. You need to be with someone with whom you are comfortable and they are happy to go at a slow pace. Once the burn has gone the sensation is amazing. It makes me incredibly horny. It feels great to be so submissive as well but empowering when you see the effect you are giving. I want it to go on and on bt there is a time limit I can go for. My take home message is - don't watch a pron film and assume it will be the same. Big isn't always best. Short and fat can hurt like hell. Enjoy!!"

26 mai 2014

Deep throat Made Easy

Can you deept-hroat ? Estimate the length and circumference of the penis. 
 - I have done that some. But, how is the deepthroating usually done, where it is sort of on & off doing that, some deepthoating, while also taking mouth off of cock a bit & also licking/sucking along the outside of the cock? And the hand motion going on too? I just have not been sure when it is talked about doing deepthroating all of what is meant....if meaning my mouth on the cock the whole time that the cock is beint sucked on, doing the deepthroat. What way is it normally done, or both ways. Is it like I saw in that nice video clip....that demonstration of it? 
- I'm male and did an 11 incher once, I almost gagged but not quite, the tears flowing down my face as he pounded away at my mouth and throat told me all I needed to know, this guy was gonna blow the back of my head off when he came, and he damn near did, lovely. 
- I guess I can technically deepthroat, but so far I have only sucked on dildos. The biggest dildo I have sucked on so far was 12 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, and I managed to get 9 inches down before I totally puked. And I am biologically male but I am bisexual and have a more feminine personality. 
- I am an Expert Deepthroating Man Slut that has taken a 14.25 Incher, by 7.875 Incher to the root and not just once, but continuous balls deep bobbing to full climax. Do you need a Deepthroater, contact me at: ri***@yahoo.com

How to Deepthroat 
The most common of all requests for guys is for their partner's to deep throat their penis, as the throat muscles can add to the pleasure of the head! If you are trying to give head and want to try deepthroating always make sure that you can breathe through your nose, or you may end up getting your oxygen flow cut off! Deepthroating is all about relaxing and getting the position right. You need to have a look at how his penis curves to work oout what positions is best to take. If his penis curves upwards then you are better off getting in a 69 position so it can curve down your throat rather than up. And if the penis curves downwards then kneeling in front of him is a good way to go. Basically the mechanics of deepthroating mean that the penis needs to curve down your throat past your gag reflex. 
• Start off by sucking his cock as normal and get him nice and horny and hard. 
• Try going down a little bit further on his penis with every downward stroke. 
• As it hits the back of your mouth or throat try yawning, as this action will open up your throat. 
• Try this a few times, if you gag, just let the cock back into your mouth and take breath and give it a minute. 
• If you are still having trouble, try swallowing when the penis gets to the back of your throat as this can help open the throat. 
• As the penis goes into the he throat you may hear a light popping sound, this is quite normal, it just the penis entering the throat. 
• When you are deepthroating he penis may end up covered in a thicker saliva than normal.. This is just the normal mucous at the back of your throat. 
• It can take quite a while to master this technique and it probably won't happen on your first few times. 
• Concentrate on relaxing and if you want to image something like a drink sliding down your throat, as this can help your throat actually open up. Once you have mastered getting his penis in your throat there are a few things you can try. 
• Try to make your throat muscles contract around the head of the penis, like giving the he head a massage. 
• Do a swallowing action around the penis. 
• Practice taking the head in and out of your throat, your guy will likely go wild. With Deepthroating practice does make perfect and the more you practice the easier you will be able to take cock! Not all cocks can be deepthroated, some cocks simply are too big or too rigid to give that little bit of a bend, and these are just nigh on impossible to deepthroat!

Deepthroat Position Definition 
The deepthroat sex position is one of the best positions for deepthroating, or fellatio in which the penis slides into the throat. To get into this position, the giving partner should lie face up on a bed, with their head hanging slightly off the edge. The man can then position himself in front of his partner's head and slide his penis into their mouth and down their throat. 
In this position, the man usually controls the speed and intensity of the fellatio, as he will usually need to thrust his penis in and out of his partner's mouth and throat. Deep oral penetration is so much easier in the deepthroat sex position because of the way that the mouth and throat are aligned. While in this position, hanging the head off of the edge of the bed creates a straight tube from the mouth down the throat. The penis can then easily slide into the throat. This position is also known as the throat swab, or hanging back, position.


25 mai 2014

How inches deep can you take a penis in your mouth?

I've had a lot of experience so I'd say I'm pretty good at deepthroating now. 8 inches at least. thats pretty good for a guy

La gorge profonde reste une fantaisie sexuelle hallucinante, un challenge torride à relever pour fêter des événements exceptionnels, pour pimenter les coïts pré-sodomiques. J’ai pratiqué la gorge profonde avec des keus improbables. C’est dingue ce qu’une bouche peut héberger, et plus de 20 cm ça me fait plus peur…

Gay for pay pornstar Matt Hughes getting his 11” uncut dick deep throated by power bottom Ashley Ryder. Matt rewards Ashley’s cock sucking skills by fucking him up the ass afterwards.