29 mars 2014


Do guys really like their balls to be sucked ?
- Sucked, licked, held, squeezed, played with and more??? OH YEAH!! 
- I actually prefer my balls sucked to getting a bj. It sends tingles right through me to feel a ball inside a mouth. Being wanked at the same time is just heaven. It's enough to make me hard just thinking about it actually!



27 mars 2014


Guys : How far can you shoot it?

Younger guys tend to find it easier to shoot, while older guys find it harder do to lower testosterone levels and possibly an enlarged prostate. I'm not sure what the record ejaculation distance is but while standing and with my dingus arched about 70 degrees I think about 6 feet is a resonable guess at any personal record. I've also found that the longer I take to ejaculate, the more likely I am to shoot and the more semen actually comes out.


Lake is an unusual boy: he is a young man with an old soul who discovers he has an odd fixation on the elderly. Realizing that some day, if fate allows, he will be one himself, he is particularly fascinated by old men. He imagines their age to be a beautiful thing and recognizes how these men were once young and vibrant and attractive, as he is now. Although Lake has a girlfriend his own age, named Desiree, he wonders sometimes if his fixation on old men is unnatural and unhealthy - perhaps even sexual. When his mother, who is a nurse, takes on a management job at an old folks home, Lake jumps at her offer of a summer job as an orderly there. Gradually, Lake comes to discover that the old people in the institution are being given psychotropic drugs to keep them in a catatonic state. Lake befriends one old man in particular, Mr. Peabody, who still seems to have some fight left in him. They begin to form a strong bond. Mr. Peabody charms Lake with romantic stories of his youth and confesses his dream of seeing the ocean one last time. Avoiding the vigilant eye of Nurse Stone, who administers shots and pills to the old folks, Lake starts to wean Mr. Peabody off his medication. Eventually, Lake springs Mr. Peabody from the institution. Together they embark on a road trip telling everyone they meet that the old man is his grandfather and that they're driving to the Pacific ocean. After numerous life-changing escapades, Lake is finally ready to accept his true feelings for Mr. Peabody, but everything changes when the trip takes a sudden turn. - Written by Bruce LaBruce

avec Pier-Gabriel LAJOIE (une petite merveille)



24 mars 2014

Inflatable Dog Knot Dildos

Vixen, Magic, Neo & Uni 

Includes: Inflatable canine silicone dildo, smooth black latex-free inflation bulb, 4 feet of tubing, plug, black satin storage pouch, and Cinnalube sample. 
 - Anatomical replica of a Labrador Retriever (Vixen), small Dalmation (Magic), small Boxer (Neo), Spaniel (Uni) - Black & brown testicle base. 
- Inflatable knot replicates the natural expansion during the canine act of tying. 
•- Medical grade silicone, completely odorless, hypoallergenic. 
•- High gloss, silky smooth finish emulates the natural wet look and feel. 
•- Embedded natural, provocative color tints, no surface colorants to rub or wear off. 
•- Soft and pliable, just-right firmness, stiffens slightly and naturally as the knot swells. 
•- Durable hose connection is easily removed and reinserted, it is absolutely secure air-tight and will not leak. 
•- Highest quality, high-flex, 1/4" diameter, four foot, non-latex, hypoallergenic hose for versatile use. Hose length is easily resized. 
•- Highest quality inflation bulb with chrome valve, in latex (smooth black, recommended) or non-latex (tan, terracotta color). 
•- Stay put, soft, sensual and comfortable design for extended or under-garment wear. 
•- May be filled with hot water for a warm and sensual experience. 
•- Nylon plug included for hot water fill, hose-less use, extended wear, etc. 
•- Compatible will all personal lubricants except silicone based lubes, Cinnalube recommended (sample included with every order). 
•- No special maintenance, clean with soap and water, carefully crafted to last a lifetime. 
•- Lifetime guaranteed against manufacture defects with proper care and use. 
 - T-connector available to connect and inflate 2 Vixens,etc. from one inflation bulb. 
- Colors vary, no 2 are the same as they are individually hand fashioned by our artists to replicate the provocative natural color variations of the canine penis. 
 - Individual works of art of collector status and value. 

Sizes Vixen (uninflated dimensions in inches" and centimeters ) 
- Insertable length (not including the base): 9" (23 cm) 
- Length from tip to beginning of knot: 4.5" (12 cm) 
- Shaft size between the tip and knot at largest point: 1.27" (3 cm) diameter or 4.25" (11 cm) around 
- Knot size: the knot is oval in shape and about 6" (15.24 cm) around or about 1.9" (5 cm) diameter 
- Overall length from end to end: 10.25" (26 cm) 
- The Vixen knot is soft and about the size of a golf ball. It grows to the size of a tennis ball (with about 7 pumps) or larger and is easily controlled. The shaft also expands slightly resembling the natural growth of the canine penis. The length also increases about 1 to 1.5" when inflated.

Can men get knotted by dogs? 
- I've had lots of ties, and that's what I always try to achieve. The first time I ever knotted was with with a husky, and I thought maybe I was going to tie, then I knew we were tying, then the
knot kept expanding, and I thought "oh s***", now what! It felt huge and I was on the verge of pain, but at the same time it felt wonderful. We must have stayed tied for about 10 minutes before he pulled his knot out while it was still quite large. That hurt like hell and I thought I was going to die. Other than a slight spotting of blood, I was fine and ready to try it again the next week. My present dog almost always ties and generally stay tied for about 5 minutes, then pulls out early and that still hurts. I would like to train him to stay tied till he deflates completely, but have not been able to achieve that yet. As far as semen, there is maybe a tablespoon or so which usually gushes out when he unknots, and then I leak out more for the next hour or so. I can't feel the semen itself while were tied, but I can definately feel him pumping during the whole time (which in itself is very enjoyable). Being a bitchfor a powerful male dog is very exciting, and the fact that I'm helping him with his desires and needs is gratifying.

Dog Knots Lad





I love butt holes to, look @ , rub, sniff, and Lick the whole-hole, To me it`s the ultimate expression of love when a person let explore their hole. But that`s me. 

It's a man's ass :-P

A 26 ans passés, j'ai du jouir plus de mille fois dans un cul. Et je m'en lasse pas !

23 mars 2014


The versatility of Anthony at Fraternity X TOP Anthony is one of my favorites at Fraternity X. He started as the guy who only got sucked and fucked his frad buddies.