28 févr. 2014


Samedi on va a une soirée HIP HOP ou WAVE ou ROOTS ou FUNK - j’sais plus - au DO* avec DJMARK. Ca déménage on danse collés les uns aux autres, les corps ondulent en cadence. Il fait chaud ou c’est moi ? Je transpire dans le dos. Rudy* attire les regards. Il y a quelques gays que je connais, et puis il y a Benjamin un ex d’ex qui me colle au cul, il doit être affamé. 
Au bout de la nuit on va au bar NN* près des halles, l’endroit est surréaliste à la fois bourru et sympathique, il y a là des paumés et des insomniaques. Une TV allumée avec de la neige sur l’écran, c’est rigolo. 
Deux lesbiennes overdosées sont enlacées dans un coin. On mange des choses improbables, je bois trop. Rudy bâille et se blotti contre moi, c’est pas un oiseau de nuit, je le couvre de baisers. 
Un mec complètement allumé n’arrête pas de me matter. On chante des airs grivois, le mec s’approche, me pince le cul « t’es mignon » il dit. Il me soulève, m’assoie sur une table de billard masquée dans l’obscurité. Je rigole. Il écarte mes cuisses, s’acharne sur ma braguette. Il veut me sucer ou quoi ? 
Je panique « arrêêête ducon », je me débats, m’esquive, attrape Rudy au passage, et on dégage. Dehors il fait un froid humide.... 
Chez moi, je prends une douche, j’enfile seulement un T-shirt trop grand, les fesses à l'air. Rudy est couché, il a gardé sa chemise et son caleçon, il dort en position fœtal. Je l’observe, il est vraiment beau. Je me glisse derrière lui, le serre contre moi. 
Je suis dur, je glisse ma queue dans son caleçon en direction de sa raie. 
Je murmure à son oreille : 
- « Rud, j’ai envie de….euh… je t’aime…». Il remue et bafouille : 
- « J'suis fatigué, trop fat… », et sa voix s’éteint. 
- « Tout va bien Baby ». 
Je m’endors en le serrant fort dans mes bras. 
Cool. Aujourd’hui est un autre jour….

23 févr. 2014


Moi j’ai besoin d’amour 
Des bisous, des câlins 
J’en veux tous les jours 
J’suis comme ça 
Et du cul aussi…

Oral Self Satisfaction

He sucks his own cock for pleasure. ... 

22 févr. 2014

A guy with an upwards curving erection...

...may give his partner more pleasure if he fucks him in this sex position : 

The upward curve will hit the man's "G-spot" in the missionary position

I LOVE curved cock, it can hit the right places like nothing else.

Advantages / disadvantages of a curved dick 
Well, since I can’t post anywhere but the newbie forum, this is where its gotta be :) If you haven’t read my previous posts, then this is new to you, but I have a curved dick that heads in the downward direction (see pic in the members forum for johngreen38) Well, from my experiece as a 23 year old, I want to post my advantages and disadvantages of having a curved penis, in my case, being downward. My gf has always been a very sensitive girl. Sensitive to the touch I mean, but her very first orgasm was from me giving her a leg massage on our 2nd date, so some of the numbers I mention in this post, you have to keep in mind that she is probably in the top 2% of women in terms of multiorgasms (meaning, being able to have alot of them). She has never had anyone other then myself, so a curved penis is all she knows, as well as she is the only one I have been with, so what my curved penis does to her is all I know. 

In the beginning of our relationship (6 years ago), in one sexual session (including kissing, foreplay, oral, etc…) I was able to give her about 38 orgasms. She tells me, today, that the orgasms she got back in the past were very quick and one after another, where as today she still gets 15+, but they are stronger and longer. I know part of this is due to the curvature in my penis. For example, when I am on top on the bed, my penis wants to slide along the bottom wall of her pussy since I point downward. She apparently likes that. I don’t know the technical terms of what I am hitting, but its something right. I often do the same when I get her on the corner of the bed with her legs on my shoulders. It allows me to penetrate deeper, and again, my penis is probably sliding along the bottom of her pussy wall. I am 7.5”, so I usually get fairly deep in this position. When doing doggy style, this is where the downward curved penis I guess has all its might. I believe I basically rub her g-spot whenever I go in and out as she tells me she always gets this feeling of wanting to ejaculate. We haven’t made this a reality yet. Same goes for when we are standing straight up. If I am doing her from behind while we are standing, I guess I again am nailing her g-spot. Many doggy type positions she really likes. blowjobs with her on her knees are obviously easier and that is pretty cool. But I am sure being straight wouldn’t be a huge difference. now on to the disadvantages


Guy, Would You Smell a Boy's Butt ? (3)

I'm obsessed with guy's asses

Why are guys obsessed with anal sex?

La vue de ces garçons qui exposent leur parties les plus secrètes me bouleverse ...

21 févr. 2014

Guy, Would You Smell a Boy's Butt ? (2)

Guy, Would You Smell a Boy's Butt ? (1)

Have you ever had a friend/boyfriend whose butt you would want to sniff? 

Guy, are ever to put your tongue inside man' ass ?

Do gays like the smell of ass ? 
You know that aroma its knida musky... with a tinge of feces. Is that aroma like a turn on for gay guys? Like does the aroma of ass and feces signal sex to you and turn you on like the aroma of vagina does for a straight dude? 
Also I've had really horrendous gas for the past week. Like way worse than the typical tinge of feces smell. Is horrendous gas a turn off to gay dudes? Or is it considered just something that goes with the territory? 
Do you guys eat a certain diet to keep your ass and farts smelling nicer?

To smell my friends butt ??
- I’m straight, and I know my friend is straight, but lately I have been feeling this urge….this need to smell his butt. Now I know it’s a nasty/gross thing to talk about and think about, but I seem to be fixated on the idea. He has a dog, and he seems to take great pleasure in making the dog smell his farts, and he gets great pleasure out of asking the dog how is smells, or “mmm - doesn’t that smell good?”
 - I cherish our friendship, and I would hate to have it blow up because I get the nerve to ask him if I can smell his butt. Now we are both in our younger 20’s, and I was wondering if any guys or gals in their late teens, or younger 20’s have any “constructive” thoughts that would help in my decision.
 - I am not gay but whenever we would work out at the gym he would strip to shower or something,and I would see his naked ass, I couldn't help but wonder what it smelt like. so I would sniff his underwear that he would leave just outside his locker. After doing it a few times, I really lost the desire to smell anyone's ass anymore. Kinda like "you've seen one you seem them all". Well it also applies to "you've smelt one, you've smelt them all." 
- AS I said in another thread, I too love the smell of butt, Male or female, I love the smell of my lady`s butt. I like it when she sit on my face cow girl style, let me sniff it first, then I stick out my tongue and she begin running her butt crack up & down until her hole locate my tongue and she pushes down on it. the harder she push down, the further I stick my tonge in. I sniff her a$$ anytime of the day or night. " ANYTIME "

...to be continued