30 janv. 2014


Jonathan LEVY et Antoine MALLET : l'un a une gueule d'ange, l'autre une bite hors norme. Ce sont mes deux acteurs gays favoris du label Cadinot. Si Antoine  a joué dans plusieurs vidéos (pour notre plus grand plaisir, voir les nombreuses vidéos que j'ai posté), Jonathan a disparu de la scène porno gay après sa prometteuse apparition dans les minets sauvages. Dommage !

“Les Minets Sauvages” explores the claustrophobic and repressive atmosphere of a reform school for young offenders where the guards turn a blind eye to the rape and exploitation that occurs amongst the young inmates, and occasionally take advantage of the boys for their own pleasure too. The actual ruler though is the tough but tender Vincent (Luigi di Como), who brooks no disobedience from his underlings. Didier Hamel plays a new inmate, a tender youngster who has been abused at home. On arrival he is subjected to a deliberately painful anal examination by one of the guards, before Vincent welcomes him to the fold with a multiple rape by himself and two henchmen. The precedent has been set, and Hamel finds himself constantly on the bottom - in the dormitory, on firewood details, in the bathrooms. Though he obviously enjoys the sexual attention, he also wants the affection he never received, even at home. His knight in shining armour turns out to be Jean-Louis Vaissieres, the only inmate with the toughness to stand up to Vincent and the tenderness to give Hamel affection along with sex. Cadinot creates vignette after vignette of sexual heat and coaxes from his young actors performances that are convincing and realistic.

Voici Antoine MALLET dans 'DOUBLE ENJEU', là une scène met bien en évidence son incroyable keu incurvée vers le haut, wow ! Vous pouvez voir d'autres vidéos d'Antoine en cliquant ICI...

Double Enjeu : In a city, a young man, a married workman, a librarian, a nurse, and a clerk all in turn come up against the reality of existence! Full of Cadinot's usual sexual brilliance, this dvd was originally released in 2000. J.D. Cadinot is definitely one of the greatest gay film makers of all time! His movies always feature gorgeous very well hung young men, and there are no less than 15 French hunks in this title. You won´t find better sex anywhere! This starts with two security guards on duty, one takes a leak while the other fondles his bum. He then jams four fingers deep into his butt, then follows them with his torch. You then get the hottest, horniest, deepest anal ever, all through this film, and the cocks will make your eyes water. Nice blow-jobs and big spunking as well.

29 janv. 2014



Just curious.. How many spurts happen when you ejaculate?

I AM : I’ll cum every day, and I always cum a lot as well, about 7-8 spurts, and I produce approximately 5 to 10  ml of semen. What about you ?

How many spurts of cum ? Anonymes said : 
- On average I shoot about 7-8 spurts when I cum and depending on how long it has been I can shoot it 6 to 12 inches the odd spurt goes further. 
What about you all? How many spurts and how far? 
 - I typically shoot 3-4 spurts 4-6 iches and then ooze and dribble for a long time, can be up to 5 minutes of that. However on occassion i will blast 10+ shots out especially if i have been having sex rather than jerking it. I love it when I hit the headboard or otherwise blast a wad of cum as hard as i can. 02-19-2009, 10:13 AM 
- I normally shoot 4-5 everytime I get off. since I normally jack off at least once everyday and am not very patient with it I don't really shoot huge loads, and their normally thick so I have trouble shooting for distance. However, the other day I hadn't gotten off in two days, I watched two hours of porn while edging and shot a huge load that must have gone a foot and a half up into the air. I new I should get my camera but I couldn't wait. 03-20-2009, 11:50 PM I normally spurt anywhere from 3 to 4 spurts, but unfortunately they only go about 2 to 3 inches out from the tip of my dick. Not very good when compared to some of you younger guys. Hey, I think I do pretty good for a diabetic who has ED most of the time and has a difficult time even getting it up. :( 

- Usually 5-7 throbbing spasms per load ...across my desk or on my chin. Then I scoop it up and use it for lube :p and start jacking more hot loads. After about 2-3 loads it doesn't shoot so far, but it splashes. 4-5 feels even more intense, depending on what's turning me on (hot porn, webcam, etc) ....and sometimes I just let it cascade down like a volcano and puddle on the floor (or a friend's face). 
 Anyone else like edging as much as I do? :suck: I try not to masturbate, so when I do shoot 4 more or less loads, I learned to aim to avoid the wall, but you would say i was in a orgy, my face, my chest, abdomen, dick, I'm covered by it. Ever had it run between your legs? I usually don't clean up and go to sleep, while I'm covered by it. I would love to shoot it on someone else, but no luck.
1 teaspoon = 5 ml

Antony (FRATERNITY)  stuff oneself with cum

Is ejaculating 2 ounces of semen a lot? 
• Calvin asked : 
I measured how much I could ejaculate this morning after not doing anything for a week. 2 ounces seems like a lot to me do you think it is a lot?
• Linebacker answered :
 i'm not saying it's not possible, but i gotta tell you that if you did, yes that's a TON! I thought I had a lot, well I know I do, but holy **** that's a lot. Just fyi, 2 ounces is like 60ml. The average amount if 1ml to 5ml. Now, i've been tested and had to turn in my amount and had a 28ml sample and that's like 10 strong squirts. You're basically pissing *** at your amount. Not so sure about that. Not saying it's not possible I guess, but comparing I literally have more than Peter North (it was a girl i was with that actually said i did, and i actually never heard of him, so i was like who?? and she showed me). Nothing against him, he's a bad ***. 2 ounces!!?? Good for you!!


28 janv. 2014




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27 janv. 2014


I fantasize to see men getting bulge in their pants

Am I gay? Getting aroused by my pant bulge? 
• daredevil said :  A very strange thing has occurred to me since last week. 
I am a 24 yr old guy and always thought of myself as an asexual or at least someone with a low sex drive. But of late, I've started getting aroused by own bulge while wearing tight pants. It feels very strange. And to confess, I fantasize to see men getting bulge in their pants. Sorry if it sounds offensive but I need help!

I Fantasize About My Students 
I once saw a student slide his hand in his pants during my lecture, Al Bundy style, and I was so turned on I had to take a swig of water. It’s always the hot male college students who drive me wild. You know how people do things that are really hot without even realizing how hot they’re being? Yeah, that’s this. Although I’m technically not that much older than they are, college guys always seem so fresh and eager, and I often imagine what their favorite sex things are. Wonder if they’re sending dick pics in class. Hell, I know I was pretty kinky when I was their age, so I’m sure they’re not as innocent as they look. 
For some reason, guys always sit with each other at the back of the classroom. I guess it’s some kind of bonding thing? Whatever it is, it’s a great set-up for me because when I give a lecture I look to the back of the room where 10 hot guys (some of them athletes) are staring right at me, smiling, legs spread out, bobbing them in a way that says come and get it. “Ben” is my favorite student. Whenever he walks into the room I get really excited. He’s a latino guy who some might call a “hipster,” and he’s always carrying around a camera. Wonder if there are any XXX pics in there. He’s got a couple piercings in one ear, too, and his hair is pitch black. Tall. From Colorado or Texas, some place like that. 
Sometimes “Ben” slouches in his desk. Could he be more sexy? If you watch enough porn you know that slouching is the ideal position for a male receiving a blow job, and this is exactly what I think about every time I look his way, every time he eagerly (and intelligently, for that matter) answers a question I pose in class. 
When I stare at “Ben” I get lost in his olive skin and imagine what our bodies would feel like together. How does professor/student sex even work? He’s taller than I am, and I’ve always loved guys who are bigger than me because that way I feel engulfed by them when we do the deed. When he’s not looking I glance at his bulge — he’s wearing skinny jeans so there isalways a nice bulge — and I imagine that his tight body is packing a nice, thick, brown latino dick, and when I think about that I try to smile in his direction without giving my feelings away. 
Surely I’m not the only professor to fantasize about her students. Hell, it’s a whole sub-genre of pornography, not that should be a measure of reasoning, but still. It’s hard not to fantasize about your students. The excitement of the college campus is that it is always teeming with sexual energy, promiscuity, late night projects, office hours, and sometimes one thing leads to another and, well, there you are. Every year my university has meetings about faculty conduct, and the great big takeaway from these things is always that student-faculty sexual contact is a no-no. Don’t do it — not even if you’re a tenured professor like I am. But in all my years as a faculty member, I’ve seen all kinds of clandestine, hush hush student-faculty relationships. 
And, besides, I hear students talking about hot professors all the time. Wonder if I’m on that list?

I Love Waking Up With An Erection

A hard **** in the morning is wonderful! It has become a wonderful ritual every morning my wife will reach for my hard **** and fondle it. She will sometimes suck me off, or will roll on top of me and take my **** in her hand and rub her **** with my hard ****. In doing so my **** is coated with her ***** juices, and we have an early morning ****. Mandy, my wife adores my ****, and never misses an opportunity to touch it. When I come home from work, she greets me with a kiss, and rubs her hand over my **** through my pants. If no one is about, she will slip her hand down inside my pants just to cop a feel of my ****. We often shower together, and she always ends up washing my **** gently, while at the same time stroking it to full erection and she sucks me in the shower. She loves a 69 and sucks my **** beautifully as I lick and suck her swollen ****.

How come I wake up with a hard penis every morning ? 
Jessy said : Ok, so I am 17 years old, I graduated highschool already, I work, go to college, but I don't understand why I wake up with a hard penis every morning! And I mean! HARD! Like its annoying because I can't sleep in! :( I have to wake up at 6:00 and wait for it to go down! And it doesn't go down until like 8:00 or even 8:30! And it sucks because I have to be in the shower or something trying to bring it down, and it doesn't just happen in the morning, but also at night! And its frushtrating because I can't sleep! Because I have that huge thing bugging me! I don't watch pornography, or ejaculate, I am not a horny teenager you could say! Yes I am attracted to girls! A lot! But I just don't understand this! Its been going on for about 3 weeks now! Any help?