30 déc. 2014

How do gay people feel about their balls?

“Yes. Gays and Straight men alike have an importance in their testicles. If Two testicles were removed, then the endocrine system would cease to work, and metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sleep, and mood wouldn't really be existent, and then life would be depressing for that specific person, not to mention that most hormones come from the testicles, making the testicles a major route that puts hormones into the bloodstream, and some basic things wouldn't be there for Gays. Even Transexuals keep their testicles, or are then called Ovaries(I'm not good with female anatomy) And you say us Gays don't want Children, then why do we petition and protest to legalize gay adoption. We aren't all unmanly and a common shopper. That is a stereotype that has pervaded through this Internet for a LOOOONG time. You, my fellow sir, need to check your facts(Unless your from either agreeing in Russian Civilian Policies or are from the Middle East, in which war pervades everywhere). I'm not really into shopping, and look at me, I'm a healthy, Gay Furry”.
what balls !!!

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