25 nov. 2014

College boy jacks off in the shower

Masturbation in college 
He guys i am about to enter college and i was wondering do most guys just jackoff in the same room or do they wait until the roomate is gone? I want my relationship with my roomate to go smoothly so how do I bring ths up? 

 • How do you masturbate in college? Hello everyone, this year I'm a freshman in college and wondering how should I masturbate? I know when my room mate is out of the room, but I feel like my semen smells strong and I don't know what to do in terms of disposal with it. Thanks for anyone's  

• I'm 17 and I'll be going to college next year and I just realized that I can't really just jack off in my dorm room. Where do you ****? I know it's ideal to get a girl but if I don't have one where do I do it? I'd rather not have a lot of wet dreams. 

• Same as if you were at home. all boys masturbate even your room mate. usually during the night is a good time, or when room mate is at class. guys used to jack off in the shower in our frat house. it not a big deal Source: 1st year medical school. teach sex ed class for 6 & 7 graders at church


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