30 juin 2014





"Habile de son pied droit, il possède un bon sens de
l'anticipation. Connu pour sa qualité de relance exceptionnelle, il excelle également dans le jeu de tête et s'improvise même tireur de coup-franc. Il est surnommé le "Kaiser de Michoacán" pour sa classe, son adresse et son élégance balle au pied. Bien que défenseur central de formation, il peut occuper le poste de milieu défensif où sa qualité de relance et son jeu de tête son exploité au maximum". 
Moi, je suis bluffé par son élégance, il semble caresser la balle et ses relances sont d'une précision millimétrique. Que dire de ses jambes ? SUBLIME !
Cute Rafael Marquez Pics

ICI le match Mexique-PaysBas

29 juin 2014


Originaire de Barcelone, Ivan Rueda respire la masculinité et aime s'exhiber à l'écran. Il a débuté en 2008, mesure 1,78 m pour 77 kg. Totalement beau, totalement versatile.

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Edward Fox gets the hot Ivan Rueda and shows him what "Deepthroat" means. Deeper and deeper he pushes his giant cock into the willing... 


“...when my boyfriends lides my foreskin back, exposing my ultra sensative head, giving it a firm squeeze pushing more precum out the tip. Love when someone slips their tongue underneath my foreskin and swirls it around my head... drives me crazy!”
My Foreskin

 “I love my foreskin. I used to be embarrassed about it, not wanting to shower with the guys in the locker room, but not anymore. I'm so glad and thankful that my parents kept me intact when I was born, as I am in the U.S.. Being uncut means that my penis is the way that it was...”

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28 juin 2014




I'm 7" and cut. The head is very bigger than most boys my age. At least the guys I've been with. They say I have a mushroom head!! Does anyone else have a head like this? It's kind of embarrassing. Please help!!

Le gland en "champignon' présente une grosse couronne prohéminente, et c'est prouvé, ça donne encore plus de plaisir en  marche arrière qu'en avant  . DOUBLE PLAISIR, quoi !

27 juin 2014

Why do more gay men prefer to bottom than top ?



I could only get about 2 inches of my penis into my mouth (plow position) , but it was more than enough to achieve an intense and most interesting orgasm.
Anonymous said : 
- “I tried on and off for years to suck myself. I just kept believing that if I got limber enough to bend that close together, it would happen, and I just kept tryin' Finally after enough years of trying and no result, I realized that you can as limber as humanly possible, but if your cock isn't as long as it needs to be you can hang it up, so I just admitted defeat. I believe it's a combination of having a very long schlong, being very flexible, and also being ultra thin. So, now tell the truth. What I want to know is how much of that meat you got in your mouth (down your throat?) That would be a total turnon. After I finally stopped trying or even expected my cock head to come anywhere near my lips, I would sometimes assume the self-suck position and jerk off with my dick pointing as directly as possible straight for my mouth. Then when I got off, I'd see how accurately I could shoot all or at least most of my cum in my mouth. Thiis was ultra hot. I had a hot load of my own giz in mouth and I just swallowed it down. Haven't done that in years, but it's a good memory”.

 "auto-fellatio", äliquid” 
 - “Web sites state that, as Dolphus has stated, few men can perform auto-fellatio. However, it is possible for more than the suggested "1%" can do it.The 1% just states who can do it without practise or special classes such as Yoga, which helps to relax the body. You can achieve auto-fellatio through three positions, the C position, the backwards C position and the X position with X being the hardest. The main idea in auto-fellatio is to suck your penis, but I would count being able to lick the head as a form of auto-fellatio. It is best to perform it at night, when your body is more relaxed and less tense, a bath can help achieve this. Lying down will straighten your back. 
 The two concepts which are needed in auto-fellatio are: 
• A flexible back 
• A long penis (not a necessity) 
A flexible back is achievable much easier than a longer penis, obviously. Stretching before doing it will enable your back to be more flexible. 
 You would not be expected to be able to reach your penis with your mouth or tongue on first go but repeated practise will let you achieve your goal. 
 The obvious basic method is rather simple so that if you over think it you'll get stuck. Just lean forwards your arms crossed under your legs and pull down. You may need to work on your positioning. If you feel pain in your back at any point stop! You can rest for 5 minutes and try again or just use your hand and try the next day. I am not allowed to post the web site to help you further but you can obtain it by typing in google "male masturbation". The web site will be the 4th down (counting the indented result) and the topic of auto-fellatio will be listed on the right hand side under "Categories". 
 I hope this is helpful to you”. Jack-kun,

Cette position est plus commode, avec de la persévérence et de l'entraînement,  tu peux y arriver même si t'as pas une longue bite ...

How to guide to Self-Sucking 
Self-sucking is very incredible. I am able to do it and have done it many times. If you have a slim body and no health conditions that limit your body moment than most likely you're able to do it. The question isn't if you can do it, it's if you know how to do it. Self-sucking is a very intense form of exercise. It's true there're some guys who are extremely flexible and can suck themselves on command. However, most guys can't do it like that. Your back is something you don't want to mess with. In order to self-suck you have to relax your back muscles and that can take some time to do. One thing you don't want to do is to force yourself into sucking without preparing your back muscles. You can very easily do damage to your back if you don't do it right. I've done it wrong before and have been in pain for a few days. I find the best way to prepare your back is by sitting in a very comfy chair which has excellent back support and put yourself in a relaxing position. It will probably take a few hours. I usually just surf the Internet while I'm waiting and after a while I'm good to go. A wooden chair is not recommended. If you have an executive chair that should work quite well.
Never try to suck yourself first thing when you wake up in the morning because your body is very tense when you first wake up. You need to be up for a while and allow your body to wake up. Taking a nice hot shower could be helpful. You don't want to eat anything heavy before sucking yourself because that affects your stomach and makes it very difficult for you to get into the proper position. 
 Self-sucking is very fun. However it's not recommended that you do it for extended time periods. You can do serious damage to your back if you do it for too long. How far a person can suck is different for everyone. Some guys can suck really far down on their cock while other guys can only suck the tip of their head. It requires practice and very relaxed back muscles. I've been able to suck really far down on only a few occasions, most of the time I can't go down very far. 
 When you self-self, choose a soft place to do it, like a bed or a chair that can be lowered. You might even want to rest your back up against the side of your bed. You don't want to do it against anything that is hard especially a wall. You should have your back rested up against something soft. You don't want to be in the middle of your bedroom floor because you have nothing to support your back and your butt is also on a hard floor (unless you're using a pillow) and that can cause you some pain. Make sure you're supporting your back with something soft behind it. 
 Keep in mind if you are doing it while sitting on your bed, if your bed sinks down a lot when you sit on it that will make it more difficult for you to suck yourself. You need to have your legs and your butt evenly placed on the area you choose to do it. For example if you try using a regular chair, your legs and butt won't be at the same level unless the chair can be lowered. You need to be in a position very similar to a toilet; your butt and legs have to be on an equal level. The bedroom is probably the best place to do it. 
 Hopefully my knowledge and experience will help some of you experience the joys of sucking. I use to think that I couldn't do it but I was determined to do it and eventually my determination paid off. I just keep trying and one day I got it. 
 Remember to relax your back muscles. Some guys have landed in the hospital and have had long term damage down to their back. You don't want that to happen so do it gently. If it hurts than try doing it in a different position or relax your back muscles more.

26 juin 2014

Foreskin is beautiful and attractive

I wanna suck a soft uncut cock and feel it grow in my mouth. I wanna watch your foreskin roll back and slowly unveil your delicious cock head. I want you to fuck my throat until you cum in my mouth; more than once if you'd like. I'm not into anal or kissing/cuddling, etc., just sucking and jacking. I can't host but am willing to travel. Car fun is good too. Reply with stats and a pic of your soft uncut cock.

Is it normal to have your foreskin roll back while having sex? 
- The foreskin slides up and down to provide pleasure to the head, since it rubs the head and it's already lubricated on the inside like your eyelids. That's called the gliding mechanism.
- Is normal to have the foreskin roll forward and back when having sexual intercourse, and this is the pleasure you provide to your partner