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Do Men Feel Pleasure In Their ASSHOLE? 
Like my question asked, do they? 
I am gay, and I hear alot of men talking about how they love "big penis" or whatever, and in my mind I'm confused because won't big penises actually tear open the rectum causing medical problems due to the stretching and high volumes of movement? Also, my close friend said that a man's *** can get wet like a women's, but that had me even more confused because if that was the case, how come gay men still need lubrication to have sex? (he is one of those kinds of gay guys that wish they were women, so idk if he made this up in his head) 
 Somebody intelligent please clear this up for me, it will be very much appreciated 

- Hi there! I actually use to work in a sex store and had to know this stuff to perform my sales job. Safety is the number one most important thing and if my knowledge can keep some one out of the hospital then I will gladly share it. The anus does NOT have natural lubrication the way a woman's vagina does and the use of a THICK and SLICK lubricant is necessary to prevent tearing of the rectum. Seeing as this is man on man a thick silicon based lubricant should be the safest due to it creating more of a coating on the rectum walls therefore preventing tears. Also the silicon wont be absorbed by the rectum walls like a water based lube will preventing the need for reapplication. Also a key to anal is that is should NEVER hurt. If anything is tearing you are doing it wrong. Pain is a sign to STOP what you are doing because you can cause real damage. Think of it as gauging your ears. You don't just start of with the biggest gauge now do you? No you ease your way to bigger sizes. Work your way with toys or fingers if you are with some one big. Vibrators will assist with relaxing muscles so that they don't get damaged too. NEVER use a numbing agent. Why? I already said why but just to make my point clear. PAIN MEANS STOP! It should never hurt. Also ALWAYS use a condom. You can actually get urinary tract infections by going bare backed. Not only that but it will protect you from all sorts of nasty STD's. Oh and also YES men do feel pleasure in the anus. The prostate can only be stimulated there. For both gay and strait men prostate stimulation can improve prostate health. I hope this helps.

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 Super Size Me! (Bareback Monster Cocks)

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A really intense threesome fuck with Milan Sharp getting the hard cocks of both Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron! This isn’t just a gay interracial threesome video, oh no. You see, the guys at Staxus like to make the most of a good opportunity, and with a cock-hungry bottom like Milan in the middle of two guys like this, they had to go the whole hog and have him taking both those big dark dicks in his ass at the same time! Yes, you heard me, not only does the greedy boy get to feast on two delicious dicks, and not only do we get to see these two lean and horny black guys sharing his mouth and ass between them, they double-team that ass in the horniest way and both squeeze their long cocks in there to rub them together in his raw hole!

How do I take a MONSTER cock inside me ?

How do I take a monster cock inside me ? 

Question : Hi. I have a boyfriend. We are somewhat together and have feelings for each other deeply. I feel we are on our way to LOVE!!!! We just have one problem: he has a 8.5, thick dick. Giving him orally isn't a problem. It’s just trying to get penetrated. 
I really am I bottom and love to feel a penis inside me. Our first time getting intimate was my first time in a year having anal sex. I tried lubricating and put anal-ese in my rectum for pain discomfort. I couldn't take any of it. My boyfriend was cool about it, really, and said we can work on sex. I was happy, but a little disappointed with myself. 
So, currently while he is away I have been practising lubricating the rectum, while trying (anal-ese) again. I put two fingers in my anus and started penetrating myself. Hopefully trying to get used again to being a bottom and getting penetrated. Didn't feel that bad! (I had to go to the bathroom a little later, though.) Question is, what else can I do to make it easier? I want it to be pleasurable for both of us. Should I buy a dildo around his size and start penetrating myself to start getting used to it again and preparing myself. Should I repeat this everyday to get used to the feelings? Anything will help! 

The Lovers’ Guide replies : 
Yes, it can certainly need a little care and practice to take a big penis inside you if you haven't had one for a while. 
Using a dildo your partner's size could help - but do take care to go slowly; if you're feeling pain, that's a sign you could be causing damage. 
On the subject of pain, I really don't think AnalEse is a good idea. On the one hand, it means you won't feel if things are going wrong. On the other, do you really want your anus to be numb while you're having sex? A lot of the pleasure of anal sex comes from the feeling of friction. 
With your dildo, and loads of lube, practice taking the big penis/dildo inside in the way that is right for you - both in terms of technique and in terms of your opening up and relaxing physically and mentally. A technique that usually works is to push slightly with your anus against the dildo or penis, as if about to pass faeces. That way, your anus will open up. Of course, you will need to know you're clean inside when you do this. Douching can help with this, but may not be necessary. Experiment with how you sit, kneel, squat or stand as well: you might find some ways are easier than others. 
Remind yourself, with the dildo, about what it is like being a bottom when having sex. Let yourself go with the old feelings - and get ready to enjoy them again. You might even want to do this with your partner there. He might get a kick out of using the dildo on you, then when you're loosened up you can start to have sex without his feeling he's hurting you. 
Basically, it's not a question of forcing your sphincters to open out, more of allowing yourself the right frame of mind and using the right techniques. This will include the sex positions which allow you to open up most fully. Some say a deep missionary is best for this; others prefer a doggy style position, with the bum really angled up from the lower back.

29 déc. 2013

Throbbing cocks when cumming

Anyone have links to vids of guys cumming deep in an ass (or pussy)? love to see them moment when the balls tighten, the dick slams deep holds still and you can see the cum pulsing up the dick. 

i love seeing a pulsing cock. i dont mind gay or straight, but seeing a dick bounce and pulse as he cums is such a huge turn on. especially if hes in a hole. i love seeing him pull out and seeing his load flow out.

Hot cum pumping action.

What does it feel like for a dick pulsating/throbbing inside your ass? 
 - to me there is no better feeling than having a big and thick cock pounding my ass. i feel all of the veins, the throbbing, the huge dick head, and the girth strtching me. i feel really full, and have some pain, but its good pain. i tend to like the huge cock. small cocks just doesnt do it for me. use lots of lube, and fingers. let him rimm you. 
 - I too trained my hole over the years with toys. Lube is very important. If you train your hole to relax on demand, getting fucked feels wonderful. Intense pleasure and very very strong orgasms. I imagine that is the closest a man can experience to what a woman feels getting fucked. To me, the feeling of being penetrated and "used" as a sex object is incredible. 
 - was very young the first time, me and my friend. He wasn't very big. so it was uncomfortable at first, but with enough lube squirted in my pussy/asshole, and I rubbed the lube on his cock as I massaged his cock, once he was in it felt so sweet and wonderful. I love that feeling inside me.

26 déc. 2013

What does it feel like for a man to cum into your ass?

Oh yes you can, but it is the throbbing of the cock that I feel more than anything else. You can feel the guys dick harden up, throb slightly, and you can feel his thrusts change. 
It is like having a thick, warm cream being put deep inside of you. Then after time it slowly drains out leaving a hot steamy puddle below. it feels whondeful...my daddy has been cumming in my boy pussy since i was a preschooler and i can feel his man sperm shoot in me each time! i get sick if i dont get daddy dick every day!

Keeping a guy's cum inside you 
Who else, when you get fucked bareback, likes to keep the guy's cum inside you for as long as possible? 
 I've started fucking bare with one of my flatmates lately - sometimes we sleep in each others beds and fuck until midnight before we have to go to sleep for work, and then again when we wake up we have a quickie. He's got a great 8" cock which is the biggest i've ever had, and he shoots *a lot* as well. The thing I love most about fucking with him is that he *always* cums at least twice each time we fuck - when we start fucking, he'll usually cum within the first 30 seconds but stay hard and keep going as if nothing happens - if it wasn't for the face he makes, I wouldn't even know it was happening lol. 
So anyway, like I said we usually fuck at night before we sleep and again in the morning - and because he always cums twice each time, I get at least 4 loads of cum from him. I'm not sure why (I'm assuming it's his size or something?), but most of the time when he cums I don't feel the urge to get rid of it like I did with most of my guys in the past. I can feel the loads sitting inside me but they feel comfortable. Maybe because he's planting it deeper then anyone else has in me or something? Sometimes the loads get a bit restless and want to come out, but when that happens - if I have enough time before I have to get up for work - I'll lay in bed and try to relax, maybe have a really shot snooze, while he rubs my gut just above my pubes. That usually helps them work themselves a bit deeper where it's comfortable. Then I'll shower and get ready for work, and despite having cum while he fucks me, I'll still be rock hard all throughout my shower and on the way to work. 

I have to catch a train and a bus to get to work, which takes me about an hour in total, and the whole time I'll have a boner thinking about how 4 big loads of his seed are simmering away inside me. I have one of those bags you strap over your shoulder, which I can use to hide my erection. Usually the loads will stay inside until mid-morning or lunch time, when I have to use the bathroom (they won't stay in this time) to push out what feels like a cup full of cum. I love the feeling of pushing out a guy's cum, especially this much, so I'm forced to have a quick wank before heading back to my desk otherwise I won't be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. Sometimes the loads don't want to come out at lunch, so I keep them in, but then I get gut spasms on the bus home - nothing major, it's not painful or anything, but it's a similar feeling to when you need to use the bathroom but you have to wait (only because it's cum, it makes me horny again, thinking out those loads of jizz that are just begging to be let out lol). It's kinky hearing my guts grumble on the way home. 
I usually get home about 30min before he does, and by that time I've emptied myself out, had a shower and cleaned up, and the second he walks through the door he's busy filling me right back up :D there are only a few hours in the day when I don't have his cum inside me, and even less on weekends :D 
Who else hates getting rid of the other guy's cum? 

 - When my honey fucks me I keep in til morning unless he fucks me again before we get up. He usually cums 2'xs during our session. But whatI like also is he makes me cum just by fucking me I dont even have to touch my cock and he knows how to hit my spot real good. 

- I would love to have about 5+ loads inside me and keep the cum inside me all night. Now I sound like a dirty slut. Don't hate you anti-bb ppl. I'm all about safe sex too. But not against bb! Love cum in my ass. My BF likes to fuck me after another dude has just left his load in me.

20 déc. 2013


Your first BJ, how old ?? 
- I was 11. A 15 year old neighbor basically seduced me by showing me his “huge” penis in his garage. I no nothing about sex, hadn’t even started masturbating yet. He asked to see mine, and he fondled me until I was hard, then sucked me off. I had my first orgasm (dry), and was blown away that you could feel that good. He told me it was my turn, and pushed me down, and gagged me with his, which barely fit. He blew in my mouth, and I thought he had urinated in me. I spit it out, and saw it was white and thick. He told me what it was. That went on every day that summer in his garage. First me then him. I got used to his semen, and started swallowing it. 

- My cousin and I were 12 or 13 and were spending the day together while our parents were out shopping. We started talking about a girl in the local junior high who had been caught blowing a couple of classmates in the school's boiler-room. 
That got us started talking about bl*wjobs. We started rubbing our c*cks and one of us suggested that we j*rk off together. Then we agreed to stroke each others c*cks and the first one to blow his load would have to suck the others c*ck until he got his tonsils 'whitewashed'. That's what we called it in those days. 
So we started stroking each other and I was so excited that I c*me first and shot all over my belly. He insisted that I keep my end of the deal so he stood up and pulled his pants down. I was still too excited to refuse so I got on my knees and let him put his c*ck in my mouth. I don't remember the feel or the taste or how long it lasted, but he eventually shot off into my mouth and I remember gagging and then swallowing because he had his hands on the back of my head and was keeping me from backing off his c*ck. 
I wish that I could clearly remember more of the details of that day's events, but I do remember his hand stroking my c*ck until I came, and I remember kneeling in front of him with his c*ck going in and out of my mouth, and I remember gagging on his load of c*m. 
That summer we had several more mutual j*rk sessions, and every one of them ended with me sucking his c*ck. He sucked mine several times also, but not as often as I sucked his. Eventually we stopped doing this, and we both grew up to live normal straight lives, and I don't know about him, but every once in a while I get the urge to suck a c*ck again.


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How to Perform a Testicular Massage

"Do most men like their balls sucked or massaged?"

The Benefits of Testicular Massage 
In a man, the testicles are the source of the next generation and it's essential that we pay them the necessary attention to ensure their health and function. A regular, controlled massage of the testicles and surrounding regions allows rapid identification of abnormal lumps or swellings and will increase blood and lymph flow through the area and possibly help alleviate issues such as hydroceles and seminal flow through the epididymis. 

Where to Perform Testicular Massage 
Testicular massage is best performed in a warm, comfortable place where you can dedicate 10 minutes of your time without being interrupted. And it can be done by yourself, either sitting or standing, or lying down if the massage is being performed by a partner. 

Directions for Massaging 
Your Testicles Start by warming the penis, testicles, lower abdomen and between the legs with a heated wet towel. Apply a liberal amount of a suitable massage oil such as jojoba or almond oil and start by massaging the perineum—the area between the anus and the base of the penis. With both hands, massage up the perineum and around the base of the penis, then around the scrotum, testicles and penis to the lower abdomen, then focusing your attention to the muscles attaching to the pelvic bone above the penis. Using both hands, grasp the skin of the scrotum and stretch it in different directions, while at the same time, rub it between your thumbs and fingers. With your right hand, grasp the left testicle and stretch it away from the penis and gently palpate, checking for unusual lumps or feelings. You should be able to feel the epididymis and the tube leading back to the prostate. Using your left hand, gently stroke the tube, both along the length and across it, and at the same time gently increase the pressure your right hand is applying to the testicle. Repeat for the right testicle. Make a circle with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand around the base of the left testicle and do the same with the right hand to the right testicle. Gently stretch each testicle away from the penis and move them in a circular motion up and down. Using the same thumb and forefinger action of your left hand, capture both testicles and stretch them down and away from the penis, and with the palm of your right hand, rub both of the testicles in a circular motion and repeat in the opposite direction. Change hands and repeat the entire process. Using the thumb and forefinger of both hands, stretch both testicles away from the penis and then releasing the right testicle, use the middle finger of the right hand to tap and flick the left testicle. Repeat this action to the right testicle. If possible, push each testicle up into the lower abdomen and massage them gently through the abdominal muscles. Give the scrotum and testicles a final stretch, then starting at the top of the base of the penis, gently massage the muscles attaching to the pelvic bone, then down around the penis, scrotum and testicles, and finally the base of the penis and the perineum. 

After you have finished, use the heated wet towel to clean the oil away and be ready for the days adventures