29 sept. 2013


Fiche technique : Avec Fabien De Marchi, Johan Libéreau, Christian Giudicelli, Thomas Badek, Alexandre Palmieri, Nathalie Mann et Sabine Bail. Réalisation : Cyril Legann. Scénario : Cyril Legann. Images : Kosta Asmanis & Antoine Aybes-Gilles. Montage : Jean-Luc Simon. Musique : Franck Sforza. France, 2007, Durée : 50 mn.

Synopsis : A 16 ans, Jonathan a du mal à cohabiter avec son père et sa belle-mère. Sur un coup de tête, il vole de l'argent dans le sac de son père et se lance dans un périple où il espère profiter de plaisirs interdits... Il passe la nuit dans un squat embué de fumée de cannabis et s'y réveille le lendemain, bâillonné et ligoté par Antoine dit "Shooter", un jeune dealer recherché par la police. Les deux garçons nouent une relation ambigüe entre violence, compassion et fascination. Victime, Jonathan finit par se prendre d'affection pour son bourreau... http://www.yourfilezone.com/play?lng=FR&ref=4950181&q=Chemin%20de%20croix



Just wondering what position they blow job receivers liked best compared to what the blow job givers liked best. 
- I think the men can all agree that a blow job is great any which way, but I think we all have a preference. I personally like me standing and my wife kneeling, but she doesn't like that too much (I think it's a power thing....dunno). 
Read more: https://thetfp.com/tfp/tilted-sexuality/39045-favorite-position-give-receive-blow-job.html#ixzz2gIAezw2x

I prefer this ways :


Wow, ce bel étalon colombien de 21 ans : regardez ses lèvres pulpeuses et sa bite en forme de bec d'avion...

27 sept. 2013

LE MONDE MERVEILLEUX DE SPORT (20) My Cock's too big for this Jockstrap

Cette photo est remarquable : la perfection des corps, leur attitude virile mais ambigüe, ça pourrait bien être une statue antique de lutte....
Why do some guys wear jockstraps? 
Another reason: because they are sexy and hot as hell and they are a turn on to wear also. Feels very manly. Fun to wear not just for sports but to feel horny and sexy. If you're a guy, try wearing one for awhile - maybe that will help answer the question. If your experience is different than mine, well then chalk it up to individual taste.

How To Wear A Jock Strap How To Get A Large Penis ? 
I have a very large penis and am having trouble finding a joc strap that will fit. I have a penis that is 11 and 1/2 inches long (10 inches long soft). when I try to put it into a joc strap, it wont all go in, and it flops out during gym, and that gives me a *****, and then I have a problem! 

A friend of mine reacently told me that : he plays football, and a while ago they got new jockstraps. but somehow his was too small and did not have enough space for his package (he's on the large side and quite well endowed). now he had to go to his coach and aks for a new one because his dick did not fit.... he was so embarassed, because after this, his coach just glanced at his crotch and said something like " so what the hell are you packing in there, dude?" it was so awkward ! now i want to know : did any of you guys experience something similar ? did you ever have to ask your coach for a new jockstrap or speedo because you simply could not fit your package in it ? tell me, i'm curious ! 

Why won't my penis fit into my jockstrap when the cup is in the pouch? 
Whenever I put the cup into the pouch on the jockstrap and then step into the jockstrap, I have nowhere to put my penis. The only thing I can do is lay it across the waistband, which is very uncomfortable and doing so would take away protection from my testicles. The sizing is correct so I dont know what to do. Any help will be appreciat
What are jockstraps 
What do they do? All I see is a piece of under were that someone cut off the boxer legs. And what are the best brands to get them from and the most comfortable, because I am 14 1/2 and I am at that age when my dick starts to grow a lot in soft length and girth and hard length and girth, and I hear jockstraps are good to keep your dick in place and are great for every day use if you have a big dick, which I do have a big dick. 


26 sept. 2013



Men: Do you like your balls sucked?

Ce garçon a des jambes poilues, mais pas ses couilles,  il doit se raser, résultat : quel beau fruit à déguster !  
Les avantages que l'on peut associer à des testicules épilées sont la sensation de douceur au toucher, un esthétisme qui peut plaire à certaines personnes et une plus grande aisance pour le ou la partenaire qui désire faire des caresses orales aux testicules.

I shave my balls mostly because it helps keep it cleaner. second, i feels good if done right. remember they are attached just like your tits. in fact, attached to strings. when pulled and tugged it gets a little uncomfortable unless your from crazy land and dont give a damn. gentle tongue action and occasional sucking. another thing that is cool is holding the shaft and stroking while balls in mouth, liking underneath sack,,, yeah! come in 60 seconds

22 sept. 2013

Licking a Guy's Asshole for the First Time

Licking a Guy's Asshole for the First Time 
When I was only 19 and a freshman in college, an older guy in his 30s picked me up in a campus restroom and brought me back to his apartment. After we both took our clothes off I laid down the bed expecting him to just give me a blowjob. But instead, he rolled me over on my stomach, kneeled down between my legs, lifted my ass up in the air, and then pressed his face in my ass crack before starting to lick and tongue my hole. I was shocked that another guy would want to smell and lick what to me was my "shit hole". It seemed so NASTY at the time
and I vowed that was one thing I would NEVER to do sexually with another guy. 

A couple of years later, however, I was having sex with a frat bro and after sucking his cock a little, I moved down to lick his balls, then the area between his balls and ass, and before I knew it I was actually sniffing and licking his ass. It just seemed so natural at the time to "eat out" his ass like str8 guys do with a girl's pussy. And there was something about the masculine SMELLS and TASTES of his pucker hole that really turned me on. And now, licking a guy's clean "shit hole" is one of my favorite sex acts. (I'm not into scat at all.) 

 What about you? Do you remember the first time you were licked "down there"? Did you like it or did it seem disgusting at the time? And how soon did you try rimming a guy's pucker hole yourself? Did it turn you on? Are you still a rimmer today? Please share your stories. 

I'm attaching a pic of my asshole. Let me know if you'd like to sniff and lick it? And when you reply to my post, attach a pic of YOUR asshole for me to fantasize about rimming it. Thanks guys.


Scott avait un sexe hors norme (25 cm) courbé vers le haut, ce qui facilitait la mise en bouche, et Scott ne se privait pas, il pouvait avaler la totalité de sa bite. Voir des vidéos sur mon blog ( mais il y en a d'autres, voir la rubrique SELFSUCK, SELFSUCKING ...)

Gay porn star Scott O'Hara :  
Scott O'Hara was born in 1961 and began his sex career about 20 years later in San Francisco. His first movie followed in 1983 - California Blue. Although he was short at about 5ft 3ins, his impressive 11-inch extra large cock captivated fans - along with his ability to suck himself off. He had another career as a writer and publisher (Steam was a journal that debated public sex) and in 1997 he published his intelligent autobiography Autopornography. He died in 1998 from AIDS.

18 sept. 2013


des trous attractifs à lècher, bonne dégustation ...


Lick my balls and you will get the precious juice

17 sept. 2013

Trent Stone, On The Bottom for Cock

Trent’s First… Trent is just 19 y/o. He lives with a girl, and says he’s mostly straight, but that he likes guys sometimes too. He’s just kind of a hippie boy and has a real laid back attitude. Just look at that face! He has the most adorable green eyes that just draw you in like a vacuum! And when he smiles…well, I just about fell over. You know that rule of thumb about those skinny young guys….BIG DICKS! Just take a look at Trent’s big ole pole!

TRENT est garçon a la belle gueule d'ange, d'origine Caucasienne. Sa bite épaisse est dotée d'un grOs bout doux à sucer, miam miam. Mais voilà, c'est pas un dominant, et son cul [carnivore] dévore touts les gadgets et les bites qui s'approchent un peu trop près....

Sexy Trent's Special Jack Off Time. This video is offered free from porn.com

Trent Stone Comes Back to Get Fucked. This video is offered free from porn.com
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15 sept. 2013


Prison Camp, le nouveau chef-d’oeuvre en DVD 
Le tout nouveau Chef-d’oeuvre du cinéma pornographique gay européen ! Prison-Camp est le petit dernier de la production YoungBastard située à Berlin. Prison-Camp est filmé dans un véritable camp de redressement situé dans la profonde Allemagne de l’Est. Les jeunes détenus n’ont aucune chance face à la brutalité des gardiens qui sont sans scrupules et les utilisent comme des objets sexuels. Les gardiens n’attendront pas d’être arrivé au camps pour profiter de leurs nouveaux détenus. Les abus sexuels s’enchainent du train jusqu’au camp, en passant aussi par les travaux forcés sur la voie ferrée. Un film scénarisé à la hauteur des grandes réalisations hollywoodiennes.

Prison WC



Sauf si le garçon du dessous se fait enculer les couilles sont bien a lui ...mais non ? réponse dans la video.


14 sept. 2013


Frenchstr8's est un bel étalon de 21 ans qui  se dit hétéro, et pourtant il fait un show de plusieurs heures (ou il montre son trou et il sperme pour 500 tips)  pour un public masculin ... hum ...

Là, c'est o_yes' , un mec de 27 ans (déjà vu sur ce blog) il est marrié, mais veut faire plaisir aux gay en exhibant sa belle teub ...

13 sept. 2013

What's wrong with me ? I’m obsessed with asshole !

Some guys just have a thing for a gal's back passage. Since it feels good, I would say let him enjoy himself - as you seem to like it too, to a point.




Une nuit torride sur CAM4, que des calibres de 20 cm ou plus des quatre coins du monde, quelles loooongue nuit ! (à suivre, il en reste encore ....)
BRESIL - 22ans

ITALIE, 29 ans