18 avr. 2013

Self Suck Guide | How to self suck, self suck pictures and videos

Self Suck How To: eBook Guide Guaranteed: The Fastest, Easiest, Safest Way to Autofellatio. 
Use the Self Fulfill eBook Guide to Autofellatio – Fastest, Easiest & Safest Way to Autofellatio. Get the Complete eBook teaching everything you need to know from start to finish. Complete with video tutorials! Sexual Freedom, Self-Satisfaction, Confidence while developing Full Body Health!

Autofellatio: Autofellatio is usually a unknown & difficult, till you find directions: get the only Guidebook together with every last bit of knowledge you need here. It’s by far the most pleasurable thing I’ve discovered should you would like to “do your own thing”, or perhaps your gf is out. I can tell everyone that I can do this as well as any of my favorite ex girlfriends were able to before. This is Intense Physical Exercise. The Autofelatio Manual is worth its weight in Gold if you’re truly interested in this. The Fastest Way to Achieve Personal Freedom, Self-Satisfaction, Confidence- All while developing Full Body Health! Recreate your Sexual Attractiveness & Bring your Self-sex & Partner-sex to a Whole New Level.

 The One & Only Self Suck How To Guide. Easy Steps to Master the Ultimate Orgasm.
 Self Sucking is intense; as you are feeling yourself do it, rebelling over stigmas of doing selfsuck, giving & receiving all at once. This makes a hell of a rush that I promise you’ve never experienced with anyone! The in depth Self Suck How To” Manual is here: A complete step-by-step workout using ancient ultimate pleasure techniques to achieve confidence, attractiveness, and your ultimate male physique through Autofellatio.

 When I started looking into autofellatio, trust me, it was tough and there was no information. I mean, who is serious about it? Chances are, if you’ve ever heard an autofellatio discussion the first comments are “If I could, I’d never leave the house!” That’s great in theory, but you seem like you’re interested for real… so, you’re At The Right Place. SO, if you’re looking at autofellatio for real, you’ve either gotten lucky and found this quickly, or you know that you’ve searched all over and found nothing. Believe it or not, I’ve taken years of personal experience fused with even longer researching through countless scraps of information to build The Complete Self Suck How To Guide. Nowhere else is there a complete start to finish guidebook of the entire process, including preparation, positions, video training, even nutrition and stretching, anything and everything needed to make it happen. This eBook is jam-packed with all the information necessary to get you there the quickest, fastest, easiest way possible (and safest!) What are your chances of being able to SelfSuck?

 Penis Size: Let’s just start with this, cause its everyone’s first question. As of now, and since teenage years, my length is slightly more than 5¾ inches. As of now, my lips reach right about 4-5″ of it. So unless your penis is shorter than ¾”, you’ll be able to do whatever your lover can do, but even better because you’ll know exactly how you like it! (P.S. Since time of writing 2 months ago, I can now bend to reach the entire thing because of the procedures I lay out in this autofellatio guide.) Physical Size: I’m 5’8″, and my weight is 170-180, depending on how well fed I am. I’ve talked with guys who are quite short all the way up to 6’3″ who are now capable of doing as good a job on themselves as their lovers can, all from using this info that I put in the Guide. When I started, I was a little heavier and I’ve always been able to stretch a little more than most guys, just toe-touching in PE class kinda thing. Now I’m lighter weight, though much closer to the Adonis Effect, which is a chest/waist ratio measurement researched by a dating coach. That’s a body proportion that’s been studied to have a powerful attraction effect on women. So you can have more fun by yourself & become more attractive at the same time! Weight is an issue, though the more you work at it, the slimmer you’ll get. A gut is troublesome, though some guys it doesn’t slow them down at all.

Flexibility: I am a guy, obviously, but have always been able to touch to my toes perhaps slightly more than most guys. It never was a huge amount, I was never double jointed, and never was a contortionist or spent a lot of time stretching. I have actually spent most of my time doing jobs are required sitting at a desk a lot. So none of these things have pointed me any more towards being flexible. But as of now, after performing the startup routine in the Manual, I can reach my mouth to the base of my pelvis. Obviously, you should know what this means if you have ever been deepthroated.

Sexuality: Autofellatio is regarded as masturbation by the Psychology community. Major studies that have been done to test gender attraction show that most people are from 70%-90% hetero. That means the majority of normal people have a 25% sexual interest in their same sex. Odds are that you are one of these people that have some small interest in same-sexuality, and that its perfectly normal. So, autofellatio lets you experiment with the natural and normal desires that everyone has.
TEMOIGNAGE : http://www.solosuck.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=3019
How to become a Self-Sucker! 
 ***Warning, due to some people experiencing back problems while performing this act I do not take responsibility for your actions, but I do take responsibility for your pleasure!
*** UPDATE: We're back and it's the end of 2012. This site receives more and more hits each week approaching 45000! I will be trying to keep up with the emails so keep them coming if you need guidance. For support and comments email me at: hhhtheory@gmail.com. Since the popularity of this site is reaching new levels, you're in for MORE information and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. Stay tuned! SITE OVERHAUL COMING SOON!! 

 Hello all! Here I will tell you my FREE tricks on how you can become a Self Sucker! What you must do is follow these Steps in order for Success! To prepare for your Selfsuck lesson you must do the following: 
 - You must be totally naked! No clothes whatsoever (in time maybe -- but for now clothes off please) 
 - This is because the clothes interfere with the bending over action (especially belts!) 
 - Be sitting down in a chair that is stable, and that supports your crotch well. 
 - Be erect! Make sure you get all the length you can get! 

 One more thing I'll cover before we get started is to inform you that it is possible.. I am 5 foot 11 and my penis is 6 inches, and I can suck on it fine (a whole 4 inches+ - I can even suck the head when my penis is not erect and this enables me to lick my balls -- similar to a blowjob or fellatio performed during sex) without problems and I am not flexible at ALL! 

 Now these are the Steps for Success to Self Sucking: 
#1 - Get into a slouching motion so your back is curved outward. 
#2 - Place your chin right onto your chest so you are looking down at your penis. 
#3 - Hook your left arm (I prefer left arm, feel free to use right) around the bottom of both of your legs. - This is so you can push up with the arm and your penis comes closer to your face. 
#4 - Suck in your gut so your ribs can be pushed down over your gut, giving you a HUGE gain in distance. 
#5 - Now that you are in position, lean down toward your penis with your head! 

Note: It takes time to work your back in to perform this action. I do not recommend anyone trying it if it feels like you're going to snap in two! 
 This is a technique written by HHHTheory. Please send me feedback on how it went with you (please don't get mad if you couldn't suck the first time, ideally try it for 3 - 4 weeks before having any final thoughts.)

Enfin, sache que c'est pas tant la longueur de ta bite qui compte, mais ta souplesse (surtout pas de gras autour de la taille!). Si ça marche pas , fait-toi sucer par ton  pote !

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  1. I used to be able to suck my own cock back when I was a teenager. I used to do it a lot. But I lost the ability as I grew older and less flexible.

    I remember that there was a videotape available called "Blow Your Own Horn" which was a how-to manual for self-suckers. I don't know whether it was ever released on DVD.

  2. I love watching men suck themselves. I've been sucking myself off for over 30 years. I'm now 65 and selfsuck nearly every day. I love to do it live on cam with other men watching me.

  3. I love sucking my own penis and swallowing my own ejaculate

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  5. I am 14,it is hard but possible.I have not done it yet though I have tried,But I will get it one day!

  6. I prefer deep throat fucking , and cumeating

  7. hi i have bin trying to self suck for a bit now but you have showed me away i never tryed so thank you

  8. I’m 14, tried a few times farthest I got was pulling the skin so I could lick it with my tongue