12 déc. 2012

The Art of Self Sucking (Auto-Fellatio)

3 Factors in Being Able to Auto Fellatio:

§                     Spine/ Neck flexibility
§                     spine length
§                     erection length

Have you ever witnessed a dog or animal cleaning themselves and just wished you had that same ability? 
Well, for some people, they do have that ability. Self-sucking, or more formally "Auto-fellatio" is the method of performing oral stimulate on ones self, or simply put, giving yourself a bl0wjob. This is probably something that EVERY SINGLE guy in has tried to do at least once. Nothing appeals to a guy more during the moment than feeling lips pressed against their c0ck so this technique has been attempted by guys of every age group, be it a young boy who is just "curious" to see if it is possible or a full grown adult who just can't give up. Sadly, the sobering fact is that a very few percentage of guys can actually do it...I know its a downer but its just something not everyone can do. We are not dogs (unless you're a furry xD ) so we are not really built to be able to put our mouths anywhere near our privet areas, but this has not stopped people from trying and believe it or not people have succeeded. Some guys actually have the ability to give themselves a full on bl0wjob (entire shaft and head in their mouths) but this group of people are in an even smaller percentage of guys because in the percentage of guys that can perform auto-fellatio only get as far as licking the very tip of their penis (gland) but even being able to do that is very impressive so if you manage to you should feel very grateful. But like mentioned earlier, very few people can actually perform auto-fellatio so please don't feel discouraged, and definitely DO NOT hurt yourself trying if you can't! It's just not meant to be and the majority of guys in this world can't so no point in stressing over it.

La meilleure  technique pour pratiquer et réussir une autopipe et sucer ainsi ta propre bite ?
Le plus simple est de t'allonger sur le dos (certains parviennent à se sucer dans la position assise, mais cela est plus difficile, et là, la taille du sexe est importante) sur une surface dure, tu  relèves tes jambes en les étirant loin derrière la tête, la bite se trouve alors bien placée et le gland devrait être à la portée de ta bouche. Si besoin, tu peux t'aider en posant un petit coussin sous la nuque et en appuyant tes pieds contre un mur, ou descendre le bassin avec tes mains... là c'est tout bon pour de petits moments de plaisirs sans pareils !

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