6 déc. 2012

Do you like the big foreskin ?

Big foreskin blowjob please? 
My new boyfriend has a fairly loose/ large foreskin. In the sense that even when he is full erect it will still be covering the whole of the head and has about a centemeter extra at the top. 1. Is it the movement of the foreskin on and off the head that feels good? or does it feel beter with just my hand over the head with the foreskin held back. 2. How far do I pull the foreskin back to give a bj? Do I just uncover the head or do it pull it further back. Thanx xx
Do you like foreskin covering head on erection? 
I observed my bf's penis foreskin is covering his head when flaccid, however after erection it is not covered at all. i tried to pull up just to see but it rolls back again and full mushroom head comes out. is this becoz of large mushroom size glan he has.. 

Do guys like their foreskin? 
Most normal men 80%+ have a foreskin and like it just fine as it is responsible for a big proportion of sexual pleasure and the preservation of the sensitivity of the glans penis. They shudder at the thought of having their penis genitally mutilated through the removal of their foreskin. I have been genitally intact for over 64 years and could not imagine being crazy enough to want to have my foreskin cut of. There is just no scientific reasoning behind it. 

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