29 juin 2010


3 commentaires:

  1. The 2nd portrait still, isolating these balls with this adoring mouth, is a harvest of pure fortune from this video. What a gorgeous trouvaille.

  2. I agree -- wonderfully lovely treasureballs, so luscious in his lick, sway weightily and lavishly as penis soothes his slaking ass, sliding sultrily along the shaft or slapping him in rhythmic battery in drilling deeper fuck, their bag a daunting fuckpurse of arresting male glory, until eventually letting cock expel their richly fuckchurned balm in arcs of blissening warmth. If it weren’t for these hypnotically glorious balls, bottom's shockingly lovely face in fuck would surely be the high point of this review, but we do need to credit these balls for eliciting his amazing gorgeousness.