25 sept. 2016






A load or nothing / Une dose sinon rien

« J'ai 22 ans je cherche un mec pour plan cet aprem, beau gosse un minimum sinon c'est mort .... Offre mon jus ( grosse dose hyper protéinée) a qui peut me recevoir. » 

“According to parameters developed by the World Health Organization, the average volume of ejaculate for men is 3.7 ml, or roughly three-quarters of a teaspoonful”. 

En fait mon pote éjacule à peu près 5 ml par dose (seulement 6 ou 7 tirs mais bien épais, soit une cueillère à soupe au raz), du coup j’avale en moyenne 20 ml de jus protéiné chaque semaine. Ca c’est bon pour la santé !!!
Durant ta vie de mâle, tu produiras  entre 100 et 120 litres de jus, c'est impressionnant. Il y a là un vrai marché....
Ca donne l'idée de "FARMBOYS", de centre de distribution de sperme, genre batterie de GLORYHOLE, ou de centres "d'alaitement"  via les PENISPUMP...




How much semen is produced by a man in his life ? 
The average man produces 1.5-5 ccs (one quarter to a full teaspoon-full) of semen at ejaculation. Usually, the amount is less than a teaspoon, but it can be larger is a man hasn’t ejaculated in awhile. “Seminal volume: Human males produce approximately 0.4 ml of seminal plasma each day of abstinance. The average ejaculate measured in 1300 volunteers is 3.2 +/- 1.4 ml as reported by Dr. Aquiles Sombrero in The Journal of Fertility and Sterility. Maximal volumes of 10-11 ml have been recorded. As abstinance continues, seminal volume will be resorbed by the male reproductive tract. This insures that the semen is of good quality at ejaculation. There is really no definitive way to answer the question of how much semen can be ejaculated in a lifetime. An average ejaculation is about 10c.c.'s or the equivalent of a spoonful. 
 Say a man ejaculates once a day between the ages of 14 and 65. So he's ejaculating regularly, each day for 51 years. 51 years is approximatly 13503 days (counting/factoring in those leap years), so that's 13503 x 10c.c.'s of semen! That's enough to drown someone in it! 
 In my case, I ejaculate a bit more than this (about 1/2 to 3/4 a shot glass... and yes, I DID measure this!), but less often than once a day. When I was 14 up to about 20 or so, I would masturbate about twice to three times daily (for real), and these days, I masturbate anywhere between 3 to 5 times a week, not counting the sex I have with my wife. Assuming a man produces 1 teaspoon per ejaculation, multiply it by 360 days, by 61 years old, you would have produced 24 gallons of sperms. Based on one ejaculation per day and it would be more if you do it more than once a day”.

24 sept. 2016

Why do some gays love to swallow sperm?

I think it is more about wanting to be in total intimacy with someone you love. It's about sharing the "essence" of someone you love. Sex is about coming together, becoming one in an intensely pleasurable encounter. It's about "communion", merging, sharing... For me, it is an act of love. 

 - It's my favorite way to make a guy cum. I love feeling his dick spasm in my mouth and then that first big spurt of warm wonderful cum is fantastic. I keep his dick in my mouth full of cum, swirl it around and tongue his dick head, then swallow it all. Mmmmmm 
- Hmmm. The first time I had a guy cum in my mouth, I was so into what I was doing I didn't even think about backing off. It was pretty cool, actually. The first hot squirt hit the back of my throat, mainly because he rammed his cock at me when he shot! Didn't gag and didn't think of not swallowing. It was warm, silky, smooth and tasted sweet. Like Maxracer says, the feeling of a hard dick spasming against the tongue was fantastic.

COMMENT : I don't see much point in sucking cock if you're not going to swallow. Most of the time the guy ejaculates at the back of my mouth, so I don't taste it. It just goes down the throat. One time the guy came on my tongue and the snot like consistency made me gag. Because of that I've always wondered if I could have a guy jack off into my mouth, dumping his whole load on my tongue, and then swallow it. One of these days maybe I'll find out.

22 sept. 2016

Whats the longest anal sex experience you had with a big dick?

- I had an experience one time with a guy that was really thick. About 8x6. great cock and a great power fuck. But the first time we fucked, was crazy, he fucked my ass for about an hour and forty minutes. My ass was so open and numb for the last hour of sex. We used a half of bottle of lube. I couldn't walk straight for a week maybe less. Has anyone ever experienced this? What did you do? How did you get to feeling better over the days?
 mmmmmmmmmm, it was with Gio.
 11" of beautiful black cock. We spent an entire weekend together in a mountain cabin. After arriving, starting a fire, having dinner and a bottle of wine, he took me right in front of the fireplace - about twenty minutes of cuddling and foreplay before he sank every inch of himself into me. He did not remove it for more than 8 hours.
 We fucked, played, kissed, rested, napped, fucked some more and some more and some more before falling asleep (still inside me). We awoke again in the early morning hours and fucked for another hour before he exploded inside me.
 We did it all over again the next night.
 OMG such memories. Excuse me, I need to tend to something now. :blush:

- I was still in college in Los Angeles. Met this guy online who went to UCLA, went up there to his dorm. He fucked me in his office first (he worked at one of the pools on campus), then took me to his dorm where he fucked me with his fat Jewish cock for literally 2 hours

21 sept. 2016

Anyone loves to watch gay anal intercourse ?

C’était il y pas longtemps, une soirée entre potes une majorité de gays mais pas que. On a bien bu et fumé, et moi surtout. Et puis c’était prévisible l’ambiance a vite chauffé on était à poils et c’était une baise quasi-générale. 
C’est l’occasion de mater des mecs en sodomie. Moi j’étais fasciné par un mec à la beauté rare qui tassait son pote comme j’avais jamais vu. Regarder sa bite hors norme pistonner un cul voilà un spectacle improbable et très excitant et puis après je me souviens plus bien, c’est flou dans ma tête… mais le matin suivant je découvre dans mon IPhone des vidéos pas tristes avec des zooms sur la keu qui s’enfonce dans un cul de mec….

20 sept. 2016


i enjoy when men spurt in my ass

C'est un moment bref et magique : c'est quand le mec arrête de pistonner ton cul comme une bête, la bite se fige, se cabre, sursaute et là tu sens une chaleur dans ton ventre. Bref. Magique !
Feeling Cum In Your Ass : 
 - Hey guys, my BF and I have been going out for awhile now and we're both committed to each other, and have barebacked a few times, but never creamed inside of me. I am very interested in trying it out, I've long craved the desire to feel another guy's cum in me. So, I am wondering, what does it feel like to have another guy cum in you? can you feel it? 
 - It depends, I've found sometimes I can feel it and sometimes I can't. When I can, it doesn't really feel like a hot jet of jizz, more like an extra 'push' of something going past the end of his cock. I think you feel it more if you're lying flat on your stomach, too. But I agree it's mostly psychological.

La BO :

Keeping a guy's cum inside you 
 “I love to keep my bf's cum inside of me, for as long as possible after he gets done fucking me! The feeling is awesome, knowing what is in there is awesome. Its hot. Great thread starter! 
 Who else, when you get fucked bareback, likes to keep the guy's cum inside you for as long as possible? 

 I've started fucking bare with one of my flatmates lately - sometimes we sleep in each others beds and fuck until midnight before we have to go to sleep for work, and then again when we wake up we have a quickie. He's got a great 8" cock which is the biggest i've ever had, and he shoots *a lot* as well. The thing I love most about fucking with him is that he *always* cums at least twice each time we fuck - when we start fucking, he'll usually cum within the first 30 seconds but stay hard and keep going as if nothing happens - if it wasn't for the face he makes, I wouldn't even know it was happening lol. 
 So anyway, like I said we usually fuck at night before we sleep and again in the morning - and because he always cums twice each time, I get at least 4 loads of cum from him. I'm not sure why (I'm assuming it's his size or something?), but most of the time when he cums I don't feel the urge to get rid of it like I did with most of my guys in the past. I can feel the loads sitting inside me but they feel comfortable. Maybe because he's planting it deeper then anyone else has in me or something? Sometimes the loads get a bit restless and want to come out, but when that happens - if I have enough time before I have to get up for work - I'll lay in bed and try to relax, maybe have a really shot snooze, while he rubs my gut just above my pubes. That usually helps them work themselves a bit deeper where it's comfortable. Then I'll shower and get ready for work, and despite having cum while he fucks me, I'll still be rock hard all throughout my shower and on the way to work. 

 I have to catch a train and a bus to get to work, which takes me about an hour in total, and the whole time I'll have a boner thinking about how 4 big loads of his seed are simmering away inside me. I have one of those bags you strap over your shoulder, which I can use to hide my erection. Usually the loads will stay inside until mid-morning or lunch time, when I have to use the bathroom (they won't stay in this time) to push out what feels like a cup full of cum. I love the feeling of pushing out a guy's cum, especially this much, so I'm forced to have a quick wank before heading back to my desk otherwise I won't be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. Sometimes the loads don't want to come out at lunch, so I keep them in, but then I get gut spasms on the bus home - nothing major, it's not painful or anything, but it's a similar feeling to when you need to use the bathroom but you have to wait (only because it's cum, it makes me horny again, thinking out those loads of jizz that are just begging to be let out lol). It's kinky hearing my guts grumble on the way home. 
 I usually get home about 30min before he does, and by that time I've emptied myself out, had a shower and cleaned up, and the second he walks through the door he's busy filling me right back up :D there are only a few hours in the day when I don't have his cum inside me, and even less on weekends :D 
 Who else hates getting rid of the other guy's cum?”

19 sept. 2016


"Je suis obsédé par la bite de mon meilleur pote".

« Le marché de l’amour a ses lois. La beauté offre un précieux « capital de séduction » plus ou moins élevé. Ce capital est un facteur d’inégalités très fortes dans les relations humaines en général et les relations amoureuses en particulier. Injustice supplémentaire : ce capital est en partie héréditaire. »


"God knew that man is most beautiful when in this image, and He put on the image for Himself first"